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What’s it like to live with a Focus RS?

by DrivingEnthusiast

Here’s a new homemade video from a Brit living in Spain, who just took delivery of his new 2016 Ford Focus RS. It will be his daily driver, keeping the routine miles off of his Ferrari. But as we’ll see, his experience with his RS is anything but routine.

He ordered it in February, got it in May, and decided right off to video the entire process.

Living with a ford focus rs series - intro

He traded in a 7 year old VW Golf GTi with DSG on this car. He liked the Golf, but when making a choice to replace it says “there is only one choice”. Here he is in his first video, picking up the car, You can imagine his excitement: we’ve all had this feeling when our new car comes in!

In his next video he takes us around the outside of the car, pointing out the highlights as well as a couple of details we may not be familiar with

Living with a ford focus rs series - 1

His first driving impression: “wow, there’s like a real urgency to the car, it just wants to go, it just really wants to go”.

And then he takes us on a drive around his town.

Living with a ford focus rs series - 2

He had been trying to get his Focus RS broken (keeping the car below 4000 RPM for the first 1000 kms) so that we can understand the full experience, but so far he only has 400 kms on it.

And this second video he makes a very good point: some people may not think that car is quote “fast enough” because they don’t know how to drive it. It’s “impossible to understand where the limit is, the thing just sticks. There’s “no limit, the thing just sticks. There’s no understeer, apparently, there’s no apparent oversteer, it just seems to grip, it just hangs on it there”.

We’ll add that in our experience new owners should consider a track day school. The selection of a school is very important: you don’t want a brand-focused school because then you get instructors who might just be nothing more than owners, but who don’t know very much about the actual science of driving, and who don’t have any experience in other types of cars. Instead you want a school where the instructors have experience in a variety of different cars and car types (FWD, AWD, RWD, sedans, coupes, high and low HP, handling and not). We recommend what we call a “non-denominational” school where the instructors can tell you why your specific type of car behaves as it does, why this type requires what driving style, and what line your specific type of car requires thru different types of turns. Here’s an example of the school you don’t want: our local PCA club teaches the “911” line and only the 911 line – which if you have a car with the engine in the trunk is good enough, but which is also totally wrong if not dangerous for every other type of car. And they are militant about it: some instructors even claiming that their insurance company “requires the 911 line”. Utter and complete foolishness and total BS. A proper school has instructors who understand the differences between different types of cars and can not only explain it but who will also teach you the proper line around the track for that kind of car.

Stay tuned for his third video!

While our own Focus RS isn’t even on the factory floor yet, we’ve been working on our Pinterest board for theFord ST, RS, and Cosworth. With 235 images (and more coming; our Pinterest site has over 3600 images), you can pass some time until your own RS finally comes in!

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