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DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Board expands to 12,851 pins!

by DrivingEnthusiast

Our DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Boards have now reached 12,851 pins across 110 Boards. Our goal remains the creation of a permanent long-term repository of images of a very broad and diverse range of enthusiast cars. And not re-pins from other boards, but press images as well as images we’ve taken ourselves at events and shows.

To meet our goal, we’ve focused recently on increasing the diversity of our range of topics for driving enthusiasts: for example you’ll find Boards specific to Alfa Romeo (with separate Boards for both new Alfas and classic Alfas), Alpine (soon to be split up between new and classic), Avanti, Citroen, Matra and dozens of others. Our Sunbeam Board has found particular favor because we’ve shot several local Sunbeams that range from a typical example you might be able to buy to immaculate examples with paint so perfect that we’ve seen our own reflection like a mirror.

And this doesn’t mean that we have ignored the more recent models from the top manufacturers. For example, you’ll see 512 pins of the most recent Ford ST and RS models as well as the classic Cosworths. 338 of the Dodge Viper. 175 of the intriguing new Alfa Romeo Giulia and the 4C. And we are currently editing 150 images of the Mustang GT350 we took at a recent press event, showing each unique part in detail.

We love old and new cars, and we anticipate doubling the size of our Board over the next few years as we attend more shows and as more new models are introduced by worldwide manufacturers. Enjoy!

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