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Ford Focus RS vs. Ford Escort RS – in Hong Kong

by DrivingEnthusiast

Here’s an interesting new YouTube site that is new to us: MenClub Auto. They have >50 videos testing various cars of interest and are set in Hong Kong. Here’s their street comparison of a Ford Escort RS versus the latest Focus RS.

This comparison is of particular interest to us because about 12 years ago we were this close –>| |<– to buying an identical Escort RS Cosworth – only 1 of a very very few in the country. The price was $50k USD, and not coincidentally the Evo VIII had just come out and it cost a bit over half this price… being so much newer it had considerably more chops and was therefore of greater interest to us then. Too bad we were so wrong.. the Escort RS Cosworth would have (and still would) made a great collectors car. Our mistake.

For RS enthusiasts: note that their test RS is Euro-spec model, with the optional sport seats. Watch closely for the beautifully sculpted (real) Recaro back seats (same as the Euro Focus ST): our North American model gets conventional back seats with large headrests meeting the US Federal standard. Too bad… our first parts swap should be to order a set of these from Britain – undoubtedly they are a simple bolt-in.

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