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March 6th “Return of the Legend”: is it a new Supra?

by DrivingEnthusiast

So many rumors, so many spy shots, and – inevitably – so many “leaks”. But now Toyota has provided a “teaser” of an upcoming car labelled as “Return of the Legend”. Is this the long hoped for new Supra? Toyota isn’t saying – yet. But on March 6th we’ll find out.

Further leaks are coming fast and furiously in advance of the official unveiling on the 6th. It’s likely that this is the GAZOO Racing version of the upcoming Supra, and that this version of the eventual production car is what will be shown at the Geneva show since it’s believed that the Supra won’t be in production until next year. Of course it’s not even certain that this is a Supra, or a GAZOO Supra, or a Supra GAZOO or even a Toyota “3000GT”. We’re personally hoping for “just plain Supra” – leaving the GAZOO name off the production car since this is a Toyota project first and foremost (er, um… with a BMW chassis shared with the also all-new upcoming Z4 replacement as well as possibly a BMW engine).

The latest leak is of an upcoming article in Japan’s Best Car Magazine. Take these with a “grain of salt” – this magazine usually knows that something is coming but doesn’t always keep their illustrator on a tight leash. The actual spy shots show a considerably more restrained car. Here are the images, courtesy of SupraMKV.com (and whomever leaked the images to them).

Translated, and analyzed by SupraMKV folks, the claimed specs look like this:

Supra 5th Generation:

  • Wheelbase 2,470 mm (97.2 in)
  • Length 4380 mm (172.4 in)
  • Width 1855 mm (73 in)
  • Height 1,290 mm (50.8 in)
  • Curb weight 1,496 kg (3,284 lb)
  • Engine: 3.0L turbo inline-six with 335 hp and 332 lb-ft, plus 37 lb-ft overboost
  • Transmission: 8 speed auto transmission
  • Tires: 225/50/17 front, 255/45/17 rear

And for comparison, here are the specs of the last generation Supra, with a comparison.

Supra 4th Generation (1993-2002):

  • Wheelbase 2,550 mm (100.4 in)
  • Length 4,515 mm (177.8 in)
  • Width 1,811 mm (71.3 in)
  • Height 1,265 mm (49.8 in)
  • Curb weight 1,510 kg (3,329 lb) (non-turbo) 1,570 kg (3,461 lb) (turbo)


  • Wheelbase -80 mm (-3.2 in)
  • Length -135 mm (-5.4 in)
  • Width +44mm (+1.7 in)
  • Height +25 mm (+1 in)
  • Curb weight (4th-gen turbo) -74 kg (-177 lb)

If true, this would make for an extraordinarily light sports coupe: 177 pounds less than the last Supra – which itself was no lightweight (having to meet a considerably easier set of Government safety regulations from 25 years ago). This is amazing if true – but it’s likely for a base model. The prototypes that have been found by spy photographers are mostly wearing a very pedestrian set of tires – believed to be 225 and 255 17s. A base car would weigh considerably less than a loaded car, so the weight of a higher end model would be much higher. And the GAZOO racing version, with the giant wing – and if street legal, could use advanced lightweight materials and weigh even less.

In any case, all we have for sure is an agreement between BMW and Toyota to develop a new sports car platform, and a single “teaser” provided by Toyota this week – after years of development. Lets hope that on March 6 Toyota gives us all the details – not just a show car form the future GAZOO racer.

More information: Our Toyota Supra Pinterest Board, with 139 pins for your viewing and re-pining pleasure, part of the DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest site with 20,038 pins!

Toyota Press Release follows:

The Legend Returns

February 12, 2018

At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, a modern racing concept signals Toyota’s commitment to bring back to the market its most iconic sports car.

Get the full scoop on March 6th at 3:45 a.m. (EST)

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