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DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Board grows past 21000 Pins

by DrivingEnthusiast

We’ve accumulated a lot of images in the 20 year history of this site…  so with an eye to the long-term future we’ve started putting them all into our DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Boards. This month we grew past 21,000 Pins on our 150 Pinterest Boards!

What’s new in July?

  • We’ve caught up with the Lexus LFA and added 125 Pins from the prototypes thru the 500-run production to our Lexus Board (249 Pins total).
  • We’ve added Pins of the newly announced 2019 Toyota 86 to our Toyota 86 Board (241 Pins total). Be sure to also visit our Subaru Board (459 Pins) for it’s BRZ brother.
  • To our DrivingEnthusiast Hero Board, we’ve added Elon Musk (Tesla), Conan O’Brian (SHO owner), and Don Peterson (Ford). We’re very careful about who we qualify for this Board.
  • We’ve added 25 Pins of a cutaway Tesla S on our Tesla Board (171 Pins). We always like cutaway images and these show the unique attributes of a Tesla in exacting detail.
  • We’ve added over 25 Pins of the last Renault MEGANE RS – the new Trophy Model – to our Renault Board (208 Pins). The MEGANE is a very significant hot hatch in Europe, and is yet another hot hatch we don’t get in North America, but wish we could. Like Alpines? Don’t miss our Alpine Board with 261 Pins of classic and current models.
  • We’ve fleshed out the Nissan GT-R & Skyline Board (231 Pins) with new Pins of the early concepts cars of the R35 generation.
  • We’ve also built up our Ford Trucks Boards (275 Pins) with the latest F-150 Raptor images, the Australian Ranger Raptor (perhaps coming here?), and the North American 2019 Ford Ranger. Be sure to visit our new Ford Classic Trucks section, featuring 46 detailed Pins of a 1926 Ford Model TT.
  • We’ve added 3 new Ford of Europe RS Pins to our ST-RS-Cosworth Board (1,081 Pins!). We’re a major fan of these specific special models from Ford of Europe and we don’t want their history “polluted” by putting ST or RS badges on vehicles which have no business (or dynamic capability) claiming any part of this glorious heritage (such as the upcoming Edge ST or Explorer ST). 
  • And you’ll find a sprinkling of miscellaneous Pins across many of the Boards.

Enjoy our Pinterest Boards, and remember that you need a Pinterest userid in order to enjoy them to the maximum.