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DrivingEnthusiast Pinterest Board is *hot*

by DrivingEnthusiast

With 121 Boards arranged by brand and model, and 22,928 Pins, the DrivingEnthusiast network Pinterest Site is growing very quickly. Our goal is to build a lasting site of images, both from our press credentials as well as ones we’ve taken ourselves, for use by driving enthusiasts as well as for historical research purposes: in 20 years we want to be able to look back at our favorite enthusiast cars.

Our team has put a lot of work into our Pinterest site – enjoy! Also be sure to visit our main site (blogs), and our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter sites.

What’s new?

  • Dedicated Boards for Sabra, Peel, Steam cars (joining our popular propeller car Board), Pussycar, Saleen, and Tucker.
  • Dozens of sections within the main Ford, General Motors, Lancia and other major Boards.
  • Complete coverage of the new BMW Z4.
  • With Dicks Classic Car Museum closing at the end of the year (very unfortunate!), we’ve added some classic car images that we’ve taken there in the past to various Boards.
  • We’ve fleshed out our coverage of all years of the 350Z, 370Z and there Jaguar F-Type – all favorite cars of driving enthusiasts around the world.
  • Many new concepts images for multiple manufacturers… including every known image of the Infiniti Project Black S.

Our to-do:

  • Get the right combination of main Boards and Sections, consistent across all Boards, that makes sense to search engines and to readers. Search engines in particular, because we don’t see (at least so far) where search engines are picking up Sections properly. More resewrch is needed here.
  • Go thru our 50,000 photos taken over 40 years and get the best ones into Pinterest
  • Keep researching unique cars of interest and get more photos at shows and museums!