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Car Talk Poem for Ford

by DrivingEnthusiast

From the best car enthusiast radio talk show ever: Car Talk!

This was originally written for Fords, which these two have an aversion to. However, you can fill in the blank for whatever old car you are laying under at the moment:

The _____ is my auto, I shall not want another

It maketh me to lie down beneath it

It soureth my soul

It leadeth me into the path of ridicule for its namesake

Yea, though I ride thru the valley, I am toweth up the hill

Thy rods and thy engine discomfort me

I anoint my tires with patches

My radiator runneth over

I repair blowouts in the presence of my enemies

Surely if this thing followeth me all the days of my life, I shall dwell in the bughouse forever.

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