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    HKS is doing very well in Japan with the new Evo: they have discovered almost 100 extra horsepower and are well along in suspension tuning. All of these parts except the engine tuning would work on North American Evos; but we’ll have to wait for HKS USA to finish their own tuning before we can duplicate this fully. The results will probably be a bit lower on our 91 or 93 octane fuel.

    And note which transmission is used: TC-SST!  Some folks said it couldn’t be done… others more correctly said it was a matter of time and effort. And it seems to have happened even more quickly than we thought.

    I’d have to question the 19s on this car.. .this is a top-heavy car and while the roll rate was probably considerably improved, it’s still a question in my mind whether this tire is too square for a car with such a high roll center. And IMHO the front strut-type suspension won’t change camber enough for this problem. Checking The Tire Rack, I’m looking over appropriate tires in this size: link to The Tire Rack .

    Follow the link in the title above to the original (translated) site, or view the translation below. The red highlights were added by me.



    – From H20/4/1 incoming order amount EVO10 (CZ4A) seat rail series specification price modification

    Car 輌 type year system CBA-CZ4A 2007 December
    Engine type 4B11
    Transmission TC-SST
    Intake Kansai Carbon air duct
    HKS Racing suction
    HKS Intercooler pipe kit
    Exhaust HKS LEGAMAX Premium muffler
    HKS Front pipe
    HKS Center pipe
    HKS [metarukiyataraiza]
    Electronic part HKS CAMP2
    HKS EVC V 45003-AK005 \ 66,150 (\ 63,000)
    HKS F-CON IS Kansai Spec
    Suspension HKS HIPERMAX III  Suspension (Kansai Spec)
    Kansai Roll center adapter & long tie rod ended set (prototype)
    Body reinforcement Kansai Front tower bar (stain oval)
    Kansai Rear tower bar
    Kansai Front lower breath bar
    Brake Project Μ Brake pad LEVEL MAX500 (F/R) 
    Interior Kansai seat rail (D) KIM007-L for low position seat \ 22,890 (\ 21,800) specification price modification schedule
    Kansai seat rail (N) KIM008-L for low position seat \ 22,890 (\ 21,800)specification price modification schedule
    Kansai Floor mat F/R set KYM012 \ 26,040 (\ 24,800)
    Exterior Kansai Front tow hook (orange) KAM050 \ 10,290 (\ 9,800)
    Kansai Rear tow hook (chrome plating)  KAM054 \ 14,490 (\ 13,800)
    Kansai Carbon side protector 
    HKS Bumper protector
    Genuine Front spoiler
    Genuine Side spoiler
    Genuine Rear corner extension
    Tire ADVAN Sport
    Wheel ADVAN Racing RZ