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    A picture named mov_wanted_080214_300w.jpgWe’ve just returned from sitting thru this terrible film. Some folks thought Wanted might be a great summer movie for car enthusiasts… unfortunately, it’s not a great movie for anybody.

    On the car front, a handful of nice cars and one that appear to have been pulled from the staff parking lot are used throughout the film. From the trailers you might think the red Viper is the automotive star of the film… and you’d be wrong.

    A picture named Ajolie-stunt-car.jpgAfter an impossibly silly stunt early in the film the Viper isn’t seen again. Indeed – and very oddly – in the very next scene an old C4 Corvette is substituted – totally out of style with the Jolie character. Perhaps the budget ran out and only allowed for one Viper stunt car – and indeed some people believe that the C4 was digitally inserted over the Viper. Worse, when the Jolie character is shown shifting, it’s a clearly a Viper shifter being moved. And that’s the end of even the slightest interest for car enthusiasts.

    And speaking of being moved, several Viper Club members had reserved seating in the theater. There they were, all but one with t-shirts featuring the big grinning worm, and the other with a shirt featuring racetracks the wearer had clearly never seen.  After some glee from the appearance of the Viper very early on, they sat in glum silence for the rest of the overly-long nearly 2-hour movie.

    Angelina Jolie gives an oddly wooden characterization, and even tosses in one naked butt shot. Does the UN Goodwill Ambassador need to do that?

    James McAvoy as the reluctant hero does better, but his writers spend a huge chunk of the film explaining what a sad loser his character is: his best friend is bonking his live-in girlfriend and his boss looks like a refugee from the movie Hairspray (could that be John Travolta underneath?). And then there is Morgan Freeman, for some reason given an acting credit when he can’t act at all. He delivers his lines with the same lack of enthusiasm as he has done since before the gadawful Million Dollar Baby. I’m sure he could have tried a bit harder for his multi-million dollar fee. Freeman can do better than this… although he hasn’t for a very very long time.

    If there was a saving grace for this film, it was the theater we choose to see it at. Those of you readers in Austin or Houston TX are very familiar with the terrific Alamo Drafthouse chain – a locally-owned set of theaters that also serve food and drinks. The Alamo makes any stinker of a film (except the gadawful No Country For Old Men) a good time – as does a nice date.