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    1) Aftermarket Embarrassment

    Exhaust pipe spinners

    Cross-drilled brake lines.

    Hello Kitty exhaust tip

    Fake scoops. An affliction the Mustang is particularly susceptible to.

    High-rise cowl hoods: with absolutely nothing underneath. Made for poseurs.

    Dubs and scissor doors. One question – WHY? Next question – would you like to race me down the canyon?

    Fake stick-on racing brake covers

    Flame thrower conversion – note car already on fire


    Just the thing for SUV poseurs… the ones with the big bumpers, brush guards, driving lights, and raised suspension. The ones who *never* go off road… and spend more time polishing their ride because they can no longer afford the gas for it.


    We don’t even know what these are.. they stick out about 10 inches. How incredibly stupid. What is the point?

    2) Flaming Idiots & Jerks

    What can we say?

    Max Mosley: yikes, what can we say? He was a great leader? He put on a master race? He knew how to whip them into submission? Um… um… um…

    Made political points for his political boss with his “park your cars” statement. How about if we park his boss in a ditch this November?

    Apt description of owner on license plate

    Driver leaning on door with cellphone and thumbs-up grip on the steering wheel

    Teach ’em how to smoke ’em, just like Mom.

    Spenser F. Katt: the well-equipped driver


    3) Mediocre Crapola

    Commie crap.. yet another example of everything that failed.

    Volkswagen Beetle. The single worst car ever made. From which the brand will never recover.

    Why Renault is no longer in the 1st world market

    The worst sportscar design ever. With the engine in the absolute worst possible place.

    Vega: rust bucket with a motor that consumes itself from the inside out

    Cobalt. A recent leaked statement by their new head of product development asked quote “how this piece of crap ever got out the door”.

    Canyon/Colorado: the ugliest pickup truck… in the world.


    4) When It’s Doomed

    When the floorpan of your 1st car rusts out from under you – literally. And the gadawful rustbelt city you live in is at 20 degrees below zero!

    “If it ain’t broke dont fix it”. This is literally how your brand-focused car magazine explains in their yearly new-car issue the product development methodology of a car that never significantly changes because the company doesn’t invest any real money in it. In this example, for 15 model years and counting.

    Snobs and elitists: the single worst element of this hobby


    5) Our favorite cars ruined (a)

    The single worst S2000 in the world. Thanks a lot, Fast and Furious 2.

    When they cancel their fabulous sportscar and replace it with this.

    6) Our favorite cars ruined (b)

    Incredible jerk that used to run SVT. When buyers ask why the new Mustang doesn’t have an independent rear suspension, all he can say is (quote) “We’ll never appease those IRS snobs”. Thankfully he was shown the door and banished to South America where he can sell plenty of cars with oxcart rear suspensions.

    Spyshot of secret Ford Mustang test vehicle – note VTEC technology licensed from Honda

    Second worse aftermarket Mustang ever – for one of the worst TV shows ever. The Knight Rider franchise should have been left as it was.

    The single worst aftermarket Mustang ever. What the heck were they thinking? Could you loan me a Ruger Blackhawk to put this thing out of its misery?