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    Stay tuned from October 24 to November 4th for the Tokyo Motor Show. Many new concepts will premier this year, and thanks to Motor Magazine in Japan we get an early video look at some of them.
    The Toyota FT-86 concept is a production-based look at an upcoming rear wheel drive car powered by a 2-liter direct-0injected Subaru engine. This will be a great car for enthusiast – light, lithe, and very lively. The concept car uses production bodywork, and varies form the eventual production model only in it’s concept interior and showcar-sized wheels and tires. The exterior is otherwise what we’ll see in production. This car signals the return of sporting Toyotas – and it’s about time. It will be a great little car, especially for autocross events.
    The Honda CR-X concept is likewise an early view of the upcoming production car, differing only in the wheels/tires and again in the interior.